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Lightbulb What is considered a "complete" 1990 ZR-1 Owners Kit? ---

I am seeing if I have a complete 1990 kit.

I have (kit) :

1. Pizza Box
2. Small Book
3. Sealed Big Coffee Table Book
4. 1990 VHS Tape
5. Bronze ZR-1 Keychain
6. Uncut Emergency Wallet Credit Card Key
7. Black Leather Binder
8. Laminated Window Sticker (not in picture)

I also have (non kit related?) :

1. Build Sheet
2. Brochures
3. Pointy Tip Chrome Air Pressure Gauge
4. Targa Top Tool
5. LT-5 Supplement Manuals
6. Owners Manual

Someone mentioned a cassette tape to me , was that part of the kit ... or just complimentary to any GM product that time?

How about a targa top bag, or something like that?

let me know if I am missing anything , thanks! ---

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